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Sequel 20 Standing Desk

The standing, sitting, and everything-in-between desk. These height-adjustable desks take an entire workstation from sitting to standing, and back again, with the single touch of a keypad.

An electronically powered, adjustable standing—or sitting—desk with height memory settings and zero-tolerance for cable visibility.

Whether you are embracing the health benefits of a versatile desk—or are just looking to create an impressive office full of user-friendly features.

60" x 24"


66" x 30"






Sequel Desks & Storage

 The Sequel Desk is the foundation for an organized and inspiring workspace.

Work smart. From hidden flip-down drawer fronts to magnetically attached, cable-concealing panels, impeccable attention to detail is at the heart of Sequel’s simply beautiful design.

Choose between three wood stains and a nickel or white steel finish.

Compact 48" x 24"


Back Desk Panel $229

To Float Desk in a Room

Console 60" x 18"


Back Desk Panel $229 

To Float Desk -  No Drawer

Desk 66" x 24"


Back Desk Panel Included

Return 42" x 18"


Add extra space to Sequel Desk and Storage Units

Mobile File Pedestal


Height: 24.5"

Width: 15.25"

Depth: 21"

Three-Drawer File


Height: 29"

Width: 15.25"

Depth: 18"

Lateral File


Height: 29"

Width: 35"

Depth: 18"

Multifuntional Cabinet


Height: 29” 

Width: 35” 

Depth: 18"