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Hampton Sleeper Collection

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Width: 41” 

Height: 32” 

Depth: 40” 

Bedsize: 30”x 80”

Width: 66” 

Height: 32” 

Depth: 40” 

Bedsize: 55”x 80”

Width: 71” 

Height: 32” 

Depth: 40” 

Bedsize: 60”x 80”

Delta Sleeper Collection

Style meets versatility with the Delta.

Adjustable back for high and low positions

allow for optimal comfort, and the chaise easily

opens revealing a large storage box. The super-

sized sleeper, spanning from arm to arm, offers

superior relaxation.


Width: 104” 

Height: 31” / 38” 

Depth: 40”/ 67” 

Bedsize: 55”x 92”

Halti Sleeper Collection

The Halti not only has normal seating, but

extended seating for those who want to lounge

back. The ratchet headrests provide supreme

comfort for sitting, while the arm to arm sleeping

provides enough sleeping room for anyone. Extra

storage available inside the openable chaise.


Width: 105”

Height: 33” / 38”

Depth: 39” / 68”

Bedsize: 55”x 80”

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