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Firm Hybrid

$1,099/ Queen

Twin: $999

Full: $1,079

Queen: $1,099

King: $1,399

Medium Plush Hybrid

$1,099/ Queen

Twin: $999

Full: $1,079

Queen: $1,099

King: $1,399

Pillow Top Hybrid

$1,199/ Queen

Twin: $1,099

 Full: $1,179

 Queen: $1,199

 King: $1,499

Luxe Firm Hybrid

$1,299/ Queen

Twin: $809

Twin XL: $899

Full: $1,119

Queen: $1,299

King: $1,799

Luxe Medium Plush Hybrid

$1,599/ Queen

Twin XL: $1,199

Full: $1,419

Queen: $1,599

King: $2,099

Luxe Pillow Top Hybrid

$1,999/ Queen

Twin XL: $1,599 

Full: $1,799

 Queen: $1,999

 King: $2,499

What is Hybrid Mattress?

Let local BALTIMORE owner’s Seth and Michael give you a video tour of a Hybrid Mattress. It blends all the benefits of a memory foam mattress with those of an innerspring mattress. Then come and try it for yourself.

Adjustable Beds

Slumber Time

$699/ Queen

Twin: $599

Twin XL: $599

Queen: $699

King: $899

Twilight Hour

$813/ Queen

Twin: $688

Twin XL: $688

Full: $813

Queen: $813

King: $1,125

Memory Foam or an Innerspring? 

Have Both! 

The support of a traditional coil spring mattress or the pressure point relieving benefits of memory foam.  


Levels of 


Made in Maryland

You'll sleep better at night knowing your supporting local jobs in Maryland as these mattresses are all made in Hyattsville, Maryland. 

Come try them in our store in a haggle free environment where each mattress is priced at the lowest price we can offer without voiding the warranty.So think about shopping here with us first…. Because we are local.

Why MiY Home?

Price: You don't have to negotiate, haggle, and pretend to not be interested to get a good price on a mattress. We have priced our mattresses as low as the manufacture will allow and always at or below the internet.

Customer Support and Delivery: We are here to help from beginning to end... and we are real people who live here in Maryland. We deliver, even out of state. Delivery in the Baltimore Metro is free on all mattresses and on our bed in a box program. 

Salespeople: We don't dress in a bad suite and act creepy like other mattress stores. MiY is a casual shopping experience where our reputation and your satisfaction is most important to us. We won’t hover or push you to buy something in our store… EVER! We are here to answer questions and help you get a good night’s sleep; that’s it.

Hot or Cold In Bed: MiY has solutions to help you sleep better. Our mattresses and bedding are designed to help your body regulate its own temperature.