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1 Inch Reclaimed Chair


Usually Ships Within 2 Weeks

For the 1 Inch Reclaimed Jasper Morrison designed a one-piece mono-block stackable chair, that is useful and durable, engineered to meet the demands of high use environments, and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use in eight colors. Made with 90% industrial waste material consisting of 88% waste polypropylene and 2% waste wood fiber.


20.6” / 52.2cm

20.9” / 53cm

31.1” / 79cm

Seat Height
18” / 46cm

11.5lb / 5.2kg

90% industrial waste material consisting of 88% waste polypropylene and 2% waste wood fiber

Stacks 10 high

5 Year Warranty

3 Year Warranty all colours

Standard Glides Soft Plastic (TPU) Glides

Reclaimed wood polypropylene.
Discarded becomes distinctive.
Wood says nature. Polypropylene, not so much. But a mixture of the two gives you something very interesting. A wood composite that lasts like synthetic. A synthetic that has the spirit of wood. Our particular blend comes directly from woodshops and plastic producers worksites. Essentially, the leftover bits that wind up on the floor. Taken before they can become more waste in the environment. Cleaned, compressed and transformed. What might have been rubbish becomes responsible. Also creates very nice chairs.

Emeco + Jasper Morrison (Designer of the Chair)
“When I saw the 2006 “Super Normal” Exhibition at Axis Gallery in Tokyo that Jasper curated, I understood his design philosophy and began to see that Jasper’s design sensibility fit the Emeco values of timeless simplicity. As we worked together to create the 1 Inch and Alfi Collections, Jasper’s rigorous attention to every detail including materials, engineering, strength, comfort, finish, and color was astounding.” - Gregg Buchbinder, Emeco.

Both 1 Inch and Alfi reflects Emeco and Jasper Morrison’s common appreciation for the invisible qualities behind simplicity.

"I’m more and more interested in working towards designs which take part in everyday life as naturally as possible. The 1” chair, though far from spectacular, is intended to be an updated Emeco solution to a wide variety of situations where something strong and less flashy is required. The design of the chair seemed basic enough and we were not expecting much trouble in developing it, but we underestimated the complication of bending square aluminum tube in more than one plane simultaneously. It took Emeco several months of experimentation and it took us uncountable revisions to the drawing before we found the way to do it. It’s probably one of the most complicated chairs I’ve designed though it doesn’t look it." -Jasper Morrison.