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Amaze Sunbed


Usually Ships Within 8-10 Weeks

The impressing and minimalistic Amaze sunbed is a Danish design statement of simplicity, comfort, and craftsmanship. It has functional and sculptural properties and can be used as a sunbed, a bench or even a large coffee table. The Amaze sunbed can also be used together with other members of the Amaze family or mixed with other lounge and furniture lines including all accessories such as the Divine footstool or on-the-move side tables - the options are unlimited.

Width: 215 cm | 84.7 inches *

Depth: 77 cm | 30.4 inches *

Height: 110 cm | 43.4 inches *

Seat height: 36 cm | 14.2 inches *

Weight: 32 kg | 70.55 lbs *