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8937 Avion Noir Triple Media Cabinet


Usually Ships in 1-3 Weeks

22.5H x 65W x 22D in
57H x 166W x 56D cm


Remote-Friendly Doors
Hidden Wheels
Adjustable Shelves
Rear Access Panels
Flow-Through Ventilation
Cable Management
TV Safety Strap

Polished Tempered Glass
Hardwood Veneer
Satin-Nickel Plated Steel

Black beauty.
Avion Noir is complete with all of the features you would expect from a cabinet bearing the Avion name. Grey tinted glass doors span the front of the cabinet to conceal and protect a complete home theater system while allowing remote-control access.

Remote Control Access
Signals from an infrared (IR) remote easily pass through the same doors that keep components neatly out of sight.

Flow-Through Sound
The top center drawer's front glass panel can be replaced with a supplied fabric panel to accommodate a speaker up to 7.25" tall, or the drawer can be removed altogether to hold speakers up to 8.25" tall.