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The Breeze highback chair is an extremely comfortable armchair that invites you to relax on the terrace or in the garden. The highback chair is designed in a modern and timeless design with multiple usability. The chair is made of Cane-line Weave®, a fibre that does not fade in colour. Breeze highback chair only requires minimal maintenance and cleaning. The cushion for the Breeze highback chair is made from the ultra-soft and comfortable Cane-line Natté fabric. The Danish duo, Strand+Hvass, is the designer behind the Breeze highback chair, as well as the other furniture in the Breeze series.



Minimal Maintenance and Cleaning

Long Lifespan

High Lightfastness

Recyclable Materials


Cane-line Weave®

Powder-Coated Galvanized Steel

Optional Seat Cushion


Arm Height: 20.9

Depth: 34.3

Product Height: 38.6

Product Width: 38.6

Seat Height: 15.8

Modern and Timeless Design

Furniture that can be outside all year.

Breeze Lounge

The Breeze series is designed by Strand+Hvass. The Breeze range is designed as lounge and dining furniture. Each item has the same aesthetic design expression and can be used anywhere and in any outdoor space. There is distinctive elegance and lightness about the sculptural transparency of Breeze, which is reminiscent of a gentle summer wind. Cane-line Weave®, which is unique to Cane-line, lends delicacy and transparency to the range. The material molds itself to body contours and movements to create extremely comfortable furniture.


Lounge Chair


Arm Height: 20.9

Depth: 28.4

Product Height: 28.8

Product Width: 34.3

Seat Height: 15.8



Depth: 14.2

Height: 14.2

Width: 19.7

Highback Chair


Arm Height: 20.9

Depth: 34.3

Product Height: 38.6

Product Width: 38.6

Seat Height: 15.8

Side Table


Depth: 19.7

Height: 19.7

Width: 19.7

2-Seater Sofa


Arm Height: 21.7

Depth: 30

Product Height: 30.8

Product Width: 60.7

Seat Height: 14.6