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Broom Stacking Chair


Usually Ships Within 2 Weeks

Broom by Philippe Starck

Philippe Starck and Emeco came together to create a new chair that is reclaimed, repurposed, recyclable – and designed to last. The chair is made from 75% waste polypropylene and 15% reclaimed wood that would normally be swept into the trash, “Imagine”, says Philippe Starck, “a guy who takes a humble broom and starts to clean the workshop and with this dust he makes new magic”. That’s why we call it Broom chair.


Width 19” / 48cm

Depth 19.5” / 50cm

Height 32.5” / 83cm

Seat Height 18"" / 46cm

Weight 10lb / 4.5kg

Stackable Stacks 6 high

Material 90% Reclaimed Wood Polypropylene - Dark Grey

Warranty 5 Year Warranty

Strength & Stability Test ANSI/BIFMA X5.1

VOC Emissions Test ANSI/BIFMA M7.1

Outdoor Use 3 Year Warranty

Standard Glides Soft Plastic (TPU) Glides

Shipping Dimensions WxDxH 1 per box Size: 23x22x35" / 58x56x89cm Weight: 20lbs / 9,1kg

Shipping Dimensions WxDxH 2 per box Size: 24x22x35" / 61x56x89cm Weight: 32lbs / 14,5kg

Shipping Dimensions WxDxH 3 per box Size: 29x22x36" / 74x56x91cm Weight: 46lbs / 20,9kg

Shipping Dimensions WxDxH 4 per box Size: 29x22x36" / 74x56x91cm Weight: 59lbs / 26,8kg