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Cave Swing Sofa


Usually Ships Within 8-10 Weeks

Cave swing is an interpretation of the Classic swing sofa used all over the world. The Cave swing sofa is designed by danish designer Jesper K. Thomsen, who has created a swing sofa which references to the classic swing with a new contemporary look with timeless lines. Cave swing sofa is tested to 300 kg /660 pounds under normal use. Note we recommend to keep small children under supervision when using the swing. The Cave swing can be left outside all year round, however, it is recommended to either mount it to a stable surface or place it a place where strong winds cannot get a grip on the frame and cause damages.

Width: 214 cm | 84.3 inches *

Depth: 140 cm | 55.2 inches *

Height: 192 cm | 75.6 inches *

Seat height: 48 cm | 18.9 inches *

Armrest height: 67 cm | 26 inches *

Weight: 63 kg | 138.89 lbs *