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Copenhagen Teak Table


Usually Ships Within 8-10 Weeks

The idea behind the colored, lightweight aluminum is that the furniture will be a casual breath of fresh air in the often neutral garden furniture universe, both with colors and a contemporary, light look. The furniture takes up less space than traditional garden furniture. The elegant dining table, which is available with a teak tabletop with beveled edges, the refined lines of which recur in the frame. With two leaves, the table measures as much as 243 cm – but with a very narrow width of 84 cm, it can still fit into many places. Measure: 160 x 84 (243 x 84)

Width: 160 cm | 63 inches *

Depth: 84 cm | 33.1 inches *

Height: 74 cm | 29.2 inches *

Weight: 27.86 kg | 61.42 lbs *