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Sectional End Sunbrella Replacement Cushion


Back Cushion + Seat Cushion

Approximate dimensions: 

Sectional Seat Cushion: 31.5" X 31.5" X 6"

Sectional Back Cushion: 31.5" X 13.5" X 6"

We will customize these sizes to fit your existing frames.

Sunbrella Grade A Fabric & Cushion Core Included.

Request a quote for volume discounts. 

Color coordinating mesh bottom for easy water drainage and expedited dry time. 

Quotes are an estimate and we request a fabric casing mailed to our sewing department to insure a perfect fit. 

Click for Entire Available Fabric Line. 

GRADE A - 5400 Canvas, 5600/56000/58000/7770 Stripes, 48000 Spectrum, 40400 Cast, 51000 Shadow, 7700 Rib); Batyline ISO mesh in standard colors (Brown, White, Agate Gray, Silver, Black, Sandstone); COM. 

GRADE B - Sunbrella Fabrics (8000 Dupione, 8300 Linen, 18000 Heritage, 145000 Reflex, 42000 Hybrid); Batyline ISO mesh in premium colors (Marquise Green, Peridot Green, Aquamarine, Turquoise, Ruby Fuschia, Ruby Red, Sian Peach, Sapphire Blue, Citrine Yellow, Topaz Orange); Marine vinyl. 

 GRADE C - Special Sunbrella Fabrics (42000 Joe Ruggiero, 45000/46000/47000 Specialty Weaves); Batyline Eden;

*Prices may increased based on Grade of Fabric

Feel free to request cuts of fabrics.

We are standing by to help with your project and can work with you to overcome any challenges.