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Open By Appointment - Use the Chat Below to Schedule!

Fantasy Queen Loveseat Sleeper with Level Mechanism


Usually Ships in Under 1-3 Weeks

There are not many rooms that the fantasy collection can’t call home. With timeless track arms, durable upholstery, and legs available in either a wood or metal finish, the fantasy queen loveseat sleeper comes with one of our best selling mechanisms.

Made in Finland

Queen Size
Width: 70” Height: 35” Depth: 39” Bedsize: 60” X 80”

Cot Size
Width: 40” Height: 35” Depth: 39” Bedsize: 30” X 80”

Level Mechanism

Premium Single Motion Mechanism

This premium, single motion mechanism reveals a sleeper faster than any of our functions. Simply lift from the front sofa panel and walk backward revealing a full sleeping surface in a single, swift motion. The Level allows for superior seating and sleeping comfort. Putting the bed away is just a simple, lift from the front panel of the sofa and walk the seat in.

Simply operate your remote control according to the instruction manual and you are able to open and close your sleeper mechanism with the push of a button.

More Special Order Fabric and Leathers in Store 

Stocked Fabrics:

Lite Grey - 496

Fun 496

Dark Fabric - Fun 481

Fun 481

Natural Soft 000

NATURAL SOFT leather is lightly sanded and repaired before its final staining. After dyeing, a protective lacquer finishing layer and mechanical graining (printing) are applied to the surface of the leather. This way a protective layer is created on the surface of the leather, which reduces the need for maintenance and protection of the leather during use and improves the wear resistance of the leather.

Natural Soft is manufactured from high-quality raw hides and due to its light repair- and surface treatment it is soft, but the skin characteristics, like scarring, traces, and insect bites can be seen on the surface of Natural Soft leather.

Natural Soft is popular because of its softness and comfortable texture and the natural look of the surface.